About Us


About Us

Youth Empowerment Nigeria (YEN) is project established to address the gaps of diversity, empower youths in numerous areas of life, capacity building, youth involvement in service projects, civic engagement, philanthropy and decision-making of their communities. All YEN projects reflect a commitment to investing in the lives of Youth and are driven by individual initiative, teamwork and youth-adult partnerships. YEN bridges youths and community resources through several distinct approaches;

  1. Encouraging skill acquisition
  2. Encouraging service-learning
  3. Community projects and social action
  4. Philanthropy
  5. Youth-led research
  6. Social entrepreneurship
  7. Engaging youth as volunteers

Our Mission

To foster and support youth initiative, empowering youth to live a value-added life and also to prepare them for a hopeful and meaningful continued survival and a strong representational youth voice in the service.

What makes YEN Different?

  1.  All YEN programs are youth-initiated and youth-led, with adult support for coordination and implementation.
  2. Through YEN, youths get engaged productively in their community, volunteering and voicing their opinions through meaningful social change efforts as alternatives to negative or alienated behavior.
  3. Youths develop lifelong skills and values for effective citizenry as they serve through YEN programs as board members for community non-profits or organize civic action around concrete social issues important to them and the larger community.
  4. YEN fills a unique niche for youth who want productive leadership roles in their schools and community, and attracts many youth who discover their leadership potential through a YEN activity. YEN uses a stratified leadership model, enabling young people to take on more responsibility as they move from one stage to another and from one YEN project to the next. 
  5. To our knowledge, YEN provides one of the most extensive leadership training programs available in our area to help youth develop both personal and teamwork skills for success in the real world. In addition to Basic and Advanced Leadership workshops, YEN youth put their training to task and gain invaluable experience as they work “in the field” through placements with community organizations and youth-led community change projects. 
  6. All of YEN’s projects are inter-generational: in some, YEN youth mentor peers or younger youth; in others, adults mentor youth. 
  7. Through community partnerships, our community benefit from the fresh and unique perspectives only youthe can bring to the table. The community gains in the short-term through the services the youth provide, and in the long term from the future roles these youth will play as engaged and productive citizens. 
  8. Beyond diversity to Integration: YEN is committed to creating opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to work side by side in a manner that fosters the understanding and connection that comes from shared effort and experience.

Over the years, as we meet with youths, both those who are troubled or troubling as well as those who are thriving, we hear the same urgent request, ‘Listen to us and talk with us!! Let us participate in the life of our school or community!!’ Youth Empowerment Nigeria makes these cries a reality.

 - President Youth Empowerment Nigeria, 
   Dominic Odey

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